Welcome at our page. During this internationalisation we have made contact between different countries in Europe. There are more ways to feel connected with other European people, for example by studying abroad. We thought this was a very interesting subject so we went searching for information.

We hope that you are interested too! We have made a test which shows you if you are ready or not for studying abroad.

Now you know if you are ready or not! If you are ready and still interested you can find more information about studying abroad in our power-point presentation. When you are not ready you can try to find out why. When you know the answer to that question you can always come back to our page and look at the information.

Now you know everything about studying abroad. We hope that you will find the right place to study abroad.


Bea Kalliola, Kirsi Kumpulainen, Lisa van der Klooster and Pauline Zellenrath